Poster Art

Previous clients include: Warner Bros., Bunny Ears (the official lifestyle blog of Macaulay Culkin), MovieMaker Magazine, Synapse Films, Severin Films, Intervision Picture Corp., Drunken Cinema & The Revue Cinema, Blue Ice Pictures, Neoganda, The Hero Complex Gallery, NerdBlock, Garth Manor Cinema (for an Alamo Drafthouse screening), The Faculty of Horror, Diabolique Magazine, and more.

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featured project


night of the demons

When I was asked to create a poster for Night of the Demons, I was absolutely thrilled. This film encompasses everything I think about when I look back on 80s horror: over-the-top but oh-so-memorable special effects, spot-on atmosphere and set pieces, and a killer (pun intended!) dance sequence. While there are already so many other brilliant alternative NotD posters, I hope mine accomplishes what I set out to do: create a sense of nostalgia, and give the impression that this could be torn straight from a theatre in the late 1980s.

drunken cinema screenings at the revue theatre

If you’re a genre film fan, and live anywhere close to the Toronto area, you’ve probably been to a Drunken Cinema. What began as a small, intimate event run by Serena Whitney, has since expanded to be in multiple locations across Ontario and Montreal, and has taken over theatres as a much-loved event. It’s been a great experience being able to create event posters for these awesome events, and if you haven’t yet, make sure you come out to a screening soon. You won’t regret it. (Click here to head over to the Drunken Cinema Facebook page for more info on upcoming events!)

pete zedlacher: chuckles obnoxiously


For a long time, I worked in-office as a graphic designer formatting and illustrating CD and vinyl album covers. Since moving to full-time freelance work, I don’t get approached often to do CD covers these days, but they’ll always be near and dear to my heart. When Pete reached out and pitched me his idea for his latest release, I was immediately on board. Creepy carnivals? Always.

the thing: 35th anniversary artbook

Printed in Blood’s incredible collaborative collection of “The Thing” inspired artwork is an absolute must-have for any fans of the Carpenter classic. I was thrilled to be included in the book alongside so many other talented artists and illustrators. If you haven’t grabbed a copy yet, don’t delay. You’ll love it.

RAW Promo Art

When I was asked to create three unique concepts for the new film “RAW”, I was so excited by the creative possibilities. The direction I pitched (and that was ultimately chosen), was to create three food-safety parodies… that dealt with the idea of safe meat handling practices, but with a tongue-in-cheek cannibalism spin. These were such fun to work on, and remain to this day some of my favourite paintings (it was also just fun trying to find tiny/subtle ways to add the word “raw” into the artwork!)